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Ribocure Pharmaceuticals Moves Into GoCo Clinic - Putting North Europe in the Spotlight Within Oligonucleotide Therapeutics
Jun 29,2022

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals, the first overseas R&D center of Ribo based in Sweden, announces it will move in and open a clinical trial unit at GoCo Clinic - where both patient care and research will be conducted when it’s ready in the spring of 2023, with the hope that the establishment of GoCo Clinic will pave the way for the goal of becoming a European leader in RNA therapy. 

GoCo Active, GoCare, GoCo Living, GoCo House - and GoCo Clinic, the continued investments by GoCo Health Innovation City have attracted enormous interests from the industry, the business sector and the society. Presently the establishment of GoCo Clinic is nearing end.

- Our ambition is to put north Europe in the spotlight within oligonucleotide therapy and to conduct global clinical development here in Mölndal. At GoCo Clinic, we will conduct innovative proof of principle clinical studies and at the same time drive global product and business development, all on the same floor. So far, we have greatly reduced the development time in terms of going from idea to patient. I only see opportunities with the establishment at GoCo Clinic, from here we can become one of the leading companies in Europe, says Li-Ming Gan, CEO and Chief Medical Officer at Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB.

- Ribocure Pharmaceuticals is an incredibly exciting company that will bring a lot of value to the area and not least - to the outside world in general. The basic idea for GoCo Health Innovation City is based on finding new paths to innovation and companies like Ribocure Pharmaceuticals can make this possible by bringing both knowledge and ambitions creating synergy effects throughout our community, commented by Jonas Obert, Business Developer at GoCo Health Innovation City.