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Kunshan RNAi Institute

Kunshan RNAi Institute is the heart of Kunshan RNAi & Biomed Park, a world class science park managed by Tsinghua Science Park team incollaboration with Suzhou Ribo team. A 20-hectare campus will be built in 12 months and additional 50 hectares planned for second phase.

Kunshan RNAi Institute currently is operating on offices and labs space of 4500 m2, and additional 30000 m2 is under construction to host the largest siRNA facility in China to cover the biology, chemistry, formulation as well as animal models and toxicity studies.

16 companies were setup in the Kunshan RNAi & Biomed Park, under the supported by Kunshan government and Tsinghua Science Park. The Kunshan RNAi & Biomed Park will support these companies by coaching business development, identifying proper partners, and providing attractive human resource policies.

Business service:
Property management
VC, Technology, Talent, Business plan, Intermediate services
Public platform
Information service
Advanced manufacture
Drug discovery platform
Testing platform
Talent service
Postgraduates program
Training center
Recruitment support
Tech and fund support
Tech-transfer support
VC support
Consultation service