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Suzhou Ribo Life Science Co. Ltd.(Ribo) is a leading siRNA drug development company in China, devoted to the development of innovative nucleic acid therapeutic drugs and related products. Through more than seven year’s endeavor, Ribo has formed an enriched product pipeline from preclinical to clinical, which has heavily promoted the nucleic acid drugs research from China to Asia.

Since Ribo’s establishment, we have made great development in siRNA drug R&D, siRNA scale production, API quality research, GMP production line construction and GMP management. Ribo has developed the Liquid Phase Synthesis for siRNA independently.Pilot-scale process development/optimization is on-going. This achievement makes Ribo has the highest siRNA synthesis technology in the world. Ribo has GMP production lines for siRNA. The facility provides strong support for siRNA drugs research and technological innovation, and provides support for several companies at home and abroad with siRNA drugs development as well. Over the years Ribo has built strength on various siRNA drug development platforms, including target discovery, siRNA design and screening, chemical modification, delivery technology, PD/PK study, safety evaluation, clinical trial, etc. Particularly, Ribo has explored and evaluated varieties of siRNA delivery systems, such as liposome, polymer, dendrimer, protein and peptide complex, etc. With the platform establishment and the leading delivery technology, Ribo has built up an enriched product pipeline.

Ribo has the most experienced and combat-worthy team of R&D, production and operation management in the field of siRNA Pharmaceuticals in China. 42% of the team members are of master degree or above, honored with the first session of Innovative Entrepreneur Team of Jiangsu Province. Ribo has applied for numbers of international and domestic patents for invention, 18 of them are authorized. It undertook and participated in 8 National Major Science and Technology Special Projects for Significant New Medicine Development, and achieved the support of Key projects in the National Science and Technology Pillar Program, National SME Innovation Fund Project and so on.

In September, 2012, Ribo and Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the most experienced enterprise in the field of clinical R&D of RNAi Pharmaceuticals in the world, united together as strategic partners and established a joint venture—Kunshan RiboQuark Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co. Ltd. to push the clinical research and development mainly on RNAi pharmaceuticals. In June, 2013, Ribo reached an agreement with Life Technologies Corporation (“LTC” for short, which is a biotechnology company in USA) on the assignment of patent which is about the medicinal development and production of the new technology on RNA delivery in China and obtained the exclusive permission for the research, development and production of such technology in China. It is expected that by virtue of Ribo’s series of international strategic cooperations, we can quickly open all the technological channels regarding RNA pharmaceuticals, promote the whole R&D level of RNA pharmaceutical industry and accelerate the R&D speed of RNA pharmaceuticals in China.

As always, Ribo will depend on its powerful strength of R&D, technological superiorities and group cohesiveness, keep consistent with the policy of pursuing excellence, taking the lead in innovation, being thoughtful, prudential and excelsior, continue striding forward to the world leading Enterprise on RNAi pharmaceuticals.